Bobbin gals.

After seeing a few clever and cute embroidery floss bobbins, I definitely wanted some of my own. Really, I just wanted to make them, but as most of these are laser cut wood, I thought initially I was doomed. Looked into laser cutting, and boy, it's expensive so I figured I'd cut out my shapes from a flat sheet of clay instead. I toyed with this for a bit, then pictured myself covered with a crumbly mess in desperation. I had to give it a rest.

Would you believe it? The sages are right again. Good things come to those who wait. (A pocket full of change, I mean large bills, of course would be nice.) After some time, the more usual dowel version of the bobbin came to mind, you know, the wooden stick with caps on both ends. Well, I proceeded to make these with 1" wooden balls at one end so I can paint them as doll heads. They took almost a day to finish but they're well worth the time! I just loOoOve them! They're perfect in my Japanese ribbon collection. Finally, I've made my very own bobbins!