paper ornaments.

Recently a good neighbor endowed me with her collection of champagne tops. I hesitated to take them at first as I thought these would only find their way to my batch of dust collectors. Then a couple of days ago, I stumbled upon some pretty paper ornaments whilst browsing online for holiday decor. I've made all my tree ornaments but they're from a few years ago and I wanted a more modern theme this year.

When I found several online instructions, the bottle caps immediately came to mind. The tops would make splendid finials for the ornaments! Very soon, the process became even more exciting as not only would I be upcycling bottle tops but old greeting cards too! I followed this tutorial and prepared both champagne and soda caps by driving a small nail through the center of each with a hammer. I used 22 gauge wire, looped at each end, instead of a hat pin; and for stability, I threaded the wire through a plastic straw. I've been preoccupied with this project in the last few days, and needless to say, I've accomplished a few good deeds indeed. If you don't have any crowns saved, I'm sure the local bar/restaurant will gladly part with theirs. -_^ Happy hunting and since you're already there, yes, you should treat yourself to a fine cold bottle of beer!

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  1. OMG, I want to learn how to make these! So beautiful! Thanks for posting a comment on my blog. Your neighbor, Robin