Tiptoes for petite Blythe.

Oh, I'm still here!  Definitely here.  Here with another tutorial but on something a little different.  This year, I went crazy gaga over Littlest Pet Shop Blythes.  Didn't mean to, but now I have over 20 of them!  It was all too easy as they're pretty cheap compared to the Takara version.  I really thought I could stop myself there, but eventually, I found a couple lavender-haired Takara petites I had to have.  Yup, no shame about it, I've neglected much for these dolls!

Yesterday, I got two more from a dear friend visiting from Hong Kong.  She brought me Magical Wand and Playful Pigtails!  I was over the moon, but my glee quickly subsided as I soon discovered that Pigtails was broken below the waistline.  She was brand new, securely clamped to her package insert, but her pelvis was in smithereens!  I was crushed, heartbroken and couldn't even tell my friend, so I quickly stashed her away.

Soon as I got home, I unpacked her for a closer look.  I was relieved to find her torso still completely intact, so I promptly started on her repair.  It took some ingenuity but I was able to successfully restore her.  I was even able to preserve her with underwear! You can do the same for your handicapped dollie, or if you just want to give your flatfooted girl tiptoe feet, so she can also show off in heels!

You'll need:
broken Takara petite Blythe
donor Littlest Pet Shop Blythe
flexible spray paint for vinyl, like SEM products
fine grit sand paper
super, two-part epoxy
painter's tape
container filled with dry rice or beans or sand, etc.
1.  With broken Takara's head removed, clean off jagged parts by carefully cutting away with a small, craft saw at the waistline.  Then sand this area flat.  Take donor LPS body and cut at same waistline.  Take this lower body and also sand waist area flat.  Ensure both body parts are sanded flat, so they make complete contact when gluing.

2.  Mix well super, two-part epoxy and apply evenly a thin bead on both prepped surfaces.  You'll notice the Takara torso is hollow; dab just enough epoxy inside for additional support but not too much that it spreads to her arm joints.  Gently press together torso and lower body parts, aligning production, seam lines to ensure she's straight.  Wipe off excess epoxy with ethanol or rubbing alcohol.  Stand assembled body in a container filled with rice until epoxy is fully cured according to its directions.

Many of you may already be happy with your new petite body after the second step, but if you're in a treating mood and would like to properly cover your girlie's parts, you can follow the next few steps.

3.  Wipe away existing panties with acetone or ethanol.  Actually, if you're proceeding to this process, I highly recommend doing this prior to gluing body parts.

4.  Mark panty lines by masking off the rest of the body with painter's tape.  You should still have your dollie's head detached at this point (even though I show mine with her's attached).

5.  Create panties by spray painting with desired color.  Remove tape after paint dries.  Reattach her head, and viola!  Your previously ailing girl is once again alive and kicking!  Enjoy!