Wooden Dolls.

I see so many wonderful creations everywhere, everyday, it's finally time to speak, rave about a few of them...well particularly wooden dolls.

These adorable, giggly girls are handmade by Fabi Sehnem of Joinville, Brazil. Don't you just wanna rub and pinch their cheeks... again... and again.

While these beautiful belles are crafted by Renata of Creating from the Heart. Just the right kind of girls you can bring home to mom, polite, pretty and polished.

Perhaps the best is this brilliant, ultra hip kokeshi couple concocted by talented artist, Pamela Jaeger of San Diego and since she's featured in a gallery just a stone's throw from my home, I've had the pleasure of viewing her dolls in person. The detail work (those big eyes) is fantastic, very impressive!


have your cake and use it too.


basket cake.

Kudos to everyone who whips up felt creations like this. It's certainly no easy task putting together the "piped cream." Still, it's a feast for the eyes. Delicious!


Reidun, Winka, Nissa.

Sealed with a kiss - mwah!


plus 1.

Started the sealing process today. Applied wipe-on polyurethane instead. It's nearly impossible to avoid dust, lint, tiny hairs but ignoring these only ruins good work. Back to sanding...



It's truly best to wait a few days for the paint to cure as most of the brush streaks flatten with time. It also helps to sand each doll entirely with a clean brown paper bag. As far as the sealer, I'm still doing tests to find the best way to apply varnish.


something old, something new, something borrowed...

Needs adjustments - a bit grainy with spray varnish.