animal bobbins.

You know, you gotta love Daiso! Since I've been on this bobbin kick lately, I've been keeping a keen eye out for other cool notions I can use instead. (I'm not really sure why there's such a shortage of cooler bobbins.) I found these cute animal cutouts at the local Daiso, which are originally intended as "planter accessory" to "decorate the planter fashionably." Soon as I saw them, I knew they would make perfect bobbins! I found only the sheep yesterday and I really wanted the dogs.... So today, I went back and got on all fours to scour the floor. They're packed in such small bags, I was certain a few had fallen and gotten tucked in the shadows. Sure enough, I found one bag, a bag of dogs! Needless to say, this little girlie had a very good day!

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