can't help it...

Perhaps you may be over bobbins but I'm certainly not. I've now found the perfect (no, this time they really are perfect) animals to hold my assortment of twine.

I saw this brilliant idea from Zakka Life way back and have never given up looking for just the right creatures. These doe and deer came from Jupiter's Child, another wonderful Etsian. Check out the shop and perhaps you too would like to adopt a few of their lovely pets. You'll find it hard to say no. I, of course, would still love a giraffe....

Forgot to mention that this obsession did have its reward. My very own bobbin gals made it in the July/August issue of the hip Australian frankie magazine! It was so cooool (still is) and tremendously gratifying. Thank you all who have supported and continue to support me.

My bobbin gals in frankie magazine!

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