Sheeez, it'b been a really looong time!  So long, I had to pause at the dashboard... .  Well, I am still here, keeping busy with all sorts of fun and silly activities.  But of course, I'm still terrible at keeping up here... 

It's officially Fall, and thankfully, the heat wave has also come and gone, which means it's cooled down to turn on the oven.  This morning, I baked ready-made, cinnamon rolls in Bon Maman jars and topped them with caramel, cream cheese icing.  I was relieved the glass did not break in the oven!  These were delicious and even better with cold-brewed, iced coffee.

Last night, we dined at home on produce from this weekend's farmer's market.  We started with chunky, heirloom tomatoes, burrata and parsley, drizzled with balsamic vinegar reduction and a pinch of truffle salt and freshly ground pepper. 

Then for the main dish, we enjoyed hambagu stuffed 8-ball zucchinis with sour cream gravy.  Actually, the sauce was a little loose.  It was more like a hearty bisque.  Still, it was scrumptious and super healthy.  We certainly got our servings of vegetables and then some!

For dessert, we ate even more veggies and had pumpkin ice cream on apple pie.  Alas, I was too tired and stuffed to bother with picture taking. 

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