We've got pumpkins!

I made these felt pumpkins over ten years ago, but it's been a few years since I've displayed them as I thought they had become childish and old-fashioned.  A few weeks ago, they came to mind when I accumulated several rafia baskets for holiday decor.  Out came the pumpkins, tired and unkempt, and into the dryer for a little primping and plumping.  Of course, with all that heat, their felt stems unraveled and created a glue-y mess, so those had to go.  I've replaced them with real, tree branches, so now they look fresh like they've just been picked for the Fall harvest.

Tonight's dinner is another hearty one, chicken cassoulet.  It's one of my favorite dishes for cold weather.  I just love how the vegetables, especially the beans, thicken the broth after some time in the oven.  Mm mm, fork-tender chicken with loads of tasty veggies, yummy!

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